Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > 4-Implant Supported Fixed Prosthesis (ISFP) In The Edentulous Maxilla: A Pilot Study on Strategic Use of Short Implants Implant, Prosthetic and Quality of Life Outcomes

Complete edentulism is a tremendous global health care burden with expected need for treatment to rise in the next 20 years. Maxillary dentures may provide acceptable patient satisfaction, however patients may desire a maxillary implant Supported Fixed Prosthesis (ISFP). ISFP's in the edentulous maxilla is associated with perceived need for grafting to support 'large' implants (>10 mm long), large number of implants (6 or more) and complex prostheses. Improved access to care and success of therapy may involve simplification. This was a pilot study involving 10 patients treated with four Astra Tech Osseospeed TM implants for an ISFP using a CAD-CAM Co-Cr framework. This study aims at simplifying therapy by avoiding or minimizing bone grafting and the use of short implants. Treatment efficacy and quality of life was evaluated with the OHIP-49 questionnaire and by documenting prosthetic complications and implant survival. The overall objective was to assess the feasibility, safety and potential of this new treatment modality.