Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > Policies and procedures: an analysis of the UNC Ram's Clubs decision making process

This study examined whether the UNC Rams Club incorporates strategic management principles when implementing policies and procedures. Data was collected for this study from archived records, online materials, and in person interviews with Directors of the UNC Rams Club. A set number of uniform planning questions were posed to each subject, each participant was asked to answer the questions relative to the operation of the organization as a whole. The researcher conducted a careful analysis of the participants' responses to the interview questions. The research concluded that the UNC Rams Club's process for changing policies and procedures is inconsistent with strategic management theory. The application and use of the findings were discussed. Research concludes with how to incorporate strategic management principles. A policies and procedures fundraising manual template which details how policies and procedures can be organized for UNC Rams Club is suggested at the end of the study.