Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > Evaluating the Web Presence of the Autism Society in the American South Using Direct Content Analysis

This study uses a direct content analysis approach to evaluate chapter websites of the Autism Society among the southern United States. With the increasing prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), having access to appropriate and correct information is vital. 37 websites across 17 states were evaluated based on standards inspired by previous research on the information needs of families and individuals affected by ASD. The results demonstrate that 4 websites provided content on an excellent level, 21 at a satisfactory level, 9 at a poor level, and 2 were unable to be evaluated. The discrepancy among websites and content for local chapters of the Autism Society suggests the need for an enforced standardization and redesign of chapter websites. This will ensure that searchers using this resource for information have an equal opportunity to resolving their information needs.