Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > "El Pájaro: Pincel y Tinta China" y "La Sombra Del Caminante": Dos Novelas Antidetectivescas de Ena Lucía Portela

This dissertation argues that the first two novels of Ena Lucía Portela: El pájaro: pincel y tinta china, published in 1998 and La sombra del caminante, in 2001 subvert the traditional detective formula in order to capture the real streets of Havana, unmasking the violence supposedly eradicated as a result of the Cuban revolutionary project that started in 1959, and therefore manifesting its failure. I provide an overview of the history of the detective and anti-detective genres both in the world and in Cuba, and I situate Portela´s novels in the Special Period, an economic depression that began in 1989. Using the typology of Stefano Tani, I examine Portela’s books as anti-detective, establishing El pájaro as a meta-fictional anti-detective novel, and La sombra as an innovative anti-detective novel.