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OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the treatment changes produced by bone anchored maxillary protraction (BAMP) on growing Class III patients using 3D cephalometric measurements. METHODS: CBCT scans were taken before and after treatment on 30 consecutive patients. Dolphin Imaging software was used to calculate linear, angular, and airway measurements. The intraclass correlation coefficient was used to test landmark reliability. One-sample t-tests and Pearson correlations were used to evaluate the treatment changes. RESULTS: The maxillary bone orthopedic effects are coupled with forward growth and response to treatment at zygomatic landmarks. Mandibular changes showed statistically significant closure of the mandibular plane angle bilaterally. Although this study sample presented significant mandibular growth restraint, the airway volume with growth and treatment was significantly increased. CONCLUSIONS: Short term assessment of 3D cephalometric changes with BAMP clearly demonstrated a combination of different skeletal components of midface protraction and mandibular growth restraint without negative effects on airway dimensions.