Collections > UNC Chapel Hill Undergraduate Honors Theses Collection > A framework for incorporating DTI Atlas Builder registration into Tract-Based Spatial Statistics and a simulated comparison to standard TBSS

Tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS) is a software pipeline widely used in comparative analysis of the white matter integrity of groups of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) datasets. However, several components of TBSS have been criticized over the years. Many of these criticisms stem, in part, from its white matter skeletonization and projection and the lack of directional data in its calculations. In addition, currently there exist no accepted, unbiased methods for comparing TBSS to its counterparts, and there is clearly a need for a more intuitive user-friendly software interface for running TBSS. In this study, I have altered existing diffusion atlas building software and integrated it into TBSS named DAB-TBSS (DTI Atlas Builder Tract-Based Spatial Statistics) by using advanced registration offered by DTI Atlas Builder and incorporating blurring into the skeletal projection step. Here, I also propose a framework for simulating population differences for diffusion tensor imaging data, providing a more substantive means of empirically comparing DTI group analysis programs such as TBSS.