Collections > UNC Chapel Hill Undergraduate Honors Theses Collection > A Paper-Based Transwell Assay to Study Cancer-Cell Invasion in 3D

Cellular invasion is the gateway to metastasis, the leading cause of cancer-related deaths today. Therefore, in the fight against cancer, it is crucial to better understand the cues and conditions under which cellular invasion occurs. Such an understanding has the potential to lead to therapeutic treatments capable of halting a tumor in its progression towards a metastatic state. A popular current method of studying invasion is the modified Transwell assay, comprised of two chambers separated by a matrix-coated membrane through which cells can migrate in response to various chemokines. Although Transwell assays are readily available, customizable and provide easily interpretable data, they are expensive and offer little flexibility in assay setup. Here, we present a paper-based variation of the Transwell assay capable of generating similar datasets with equal reproducibility to the traditional setup at a fraction of the cost.