Includes: When It Happens Our Limbs Will Be Cool. She Will Lie On Top of Me And I Will Strain My Neck To Get At Her.; Sufficient Conditions I; Cups designed like little hands; Lois Ann; Thornless Common Honeylocust; We Have Nothing to Fear But Your Fears; When I did not say love; Ghosts I: Montage; Why I Did Not Tell You I Had Been Raped the Previous Autumn; A Shot; Sufficient Conditions II; For You, D.P.; I Wish I Weren’t Alive In This Decade; Where Credit Is Due; Take the J Bus. You May Keep It.; Ghosts II: Evidence; A Bad Influence; Night After a Funeral; Sufficient Conditions III; Buddy Sonnet; The Skin Permits; Ghosts III: Erotica; In the Second Language of her Thought; I Am Happy –It Is My Birthday; Robbing the Grave of A Single Bone; In the First Language of Your Thought; Blind old age; Sufficient Conditions IV; Twice; Apologetic; Get to Work; Jocasta; Surface Tension; Lyric and Arrangement; Nag; The Librariantiphon; I Wanted to Make You a Necklace; Husband; Sufficient Conditions V; Attachment Theory; Words, Deeds