Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > Beneath an Earthen Countenance: the Architecture and Artifacts of the Moundville Earth Lodge Complex

Archaeological excavations conducted by Vernon J. Knight, Jr. of Mound V's earth lodge complex at the Moundville site, Alabama yielded pottery and stone artifacts that heretofore have been unanalyzed and unreported. For this study, pottery, stone, and architectural analyses were the principal mechanisms used to (1) support the fifteenth-century radiocarbon dates attributed to the Moundville earth lodge complex and (2) describe the architectural components with and features from which the pottery and stone artifacts were associated and recovered. Descriptions and analyses of the complex's artifacts and architecture thus bracketed my consideration of the complex's chronology and function, and its potential significance at a time when Moundville had transitioned from a regional political center to a depopulated necropolis.