Collections > Master's Papers > Gillings School of Public Health > Potable Water Alternatives for an Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Community in Wake County, North Carolina

Recent research identified cost as the most significant barrier to extending piped water to peri-urban communities in North Carolina (NC). This paper compares the costs to connect a Wake County, NC, community where monitoring has detected contamination in self-supplied wells to the nearby public, piped water supply, to install and maintain a whole-house water filter, or to purchase bottled water. A preliminary municipal pipe network design was prepared using WaterGEMS, and construction costs were estimated using historical data from similar projects. Bottled water and whole-house filter costs were estimated using publicly available data. The estimated construction cost for the water service extension is $870,000. The net present costs per household for the water service extension, water filter, and bottled water alternatives are $14,000, $9,000, and $27,000, respectively, over a 30-year period. This analysis provides novel cost information to inform decisions about improving water quality in this community.