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Maps have a significant legacy as tools of statecraft, imperialism and capitalism. Maps and map-making, however, can also be powerful methods of building community power. This thesis traces out the complexities of how a few particular counter-, critical, and alternative cartographies have worked. Alternative Cartographies Building Collective Power serves as a tool-kit of sorts for alternative cartographic practice. Chapter 1 gives a brief history of critical cartography, summarizing what is meant by Western state cartography, and giving a few illustrative examples of alternative cartographic practice. Chapter 2 explores what can happen when a group comes together to make a map or maps, with the intention of building new collective social formations through map-making. Chapter 3 draws on concepts from Community-Based Participatory Research to look at the interaction between a cartographer or group of cartographers (as experts) working alongside other people who are not involved in map-making themselves but nevertheless have a stake in the maps and what they depict.