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Codes and data used to generate the results and figures in the study, "3-D Attenuation Model of Sierra Negra Volcano, Galapagos Archipelago", is provided in 3DAttenuationModelSierraNegra.tar. Follow the following steps to run the codes and view the data: 1. Untar using tar -xvf 3DAttenuationModelSierraNegra.tar 2. Generates the subdirectories ANALYSIS, CODE, DATA, and FIGS: a. CODE-necessary codes to run galap_atten.R b. DATA-necessary data to run galap_atten.R c. ANALYSIS-results in R Data format d. FIGS-directories to save figures 3. If not already installed, install R from R CRAN website 4. Install sp, splancs, RPMG, RTOMO, RSEIS, Matrix, PEIP, GEOmap, abind, TeachingDemos, maps, and geomapdata in R 5. Run the galap_atten.R script to obtain attenuation results, run various tests, and generate figures.