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A data base system for the Sao Paulo Air Pollution Network data was designed and implemented using an IBM TM Personal Computer. The data base was intended to be an image of the data produced by the network , keeping reliability in a small space due to diskette storage capacity. The whole system was implemented in Turbo Pascal(TM) using utility programs to support the data base. A magnetic tape containing a dump of the network data was used as a source of testing material for the data base. Three main programs were written that are used to convert Sao Paulo Network data files to the PC data base. These include real number conversions from the network host (PHILIPS PW 800[TM]) to IBM PC, validating, invalidating, changing values, and selecting pieces from data base to feed external software packages. The programs work in an interactive mode with the operator and reports are made for further follow-up. The program user guides are also described in this report.