Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > A Comparison of the MVe Fitness Chair to Traditional Weight Training as the Resistance Portion of a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program for Breast Cancer Survivors

Resistance training has a strong research record in alleviating treatment related symptoms in cancer patients. The purpose of this study was to compare traditional weight training (TWTG) to Pilates using the MVe Fitness Chair (MVeG) as the resistance portion of the Get REAL & HEEL Breast Cancer Program on selected functionality parameters. Sixteen female breast cancer survivors were randomized into either the MVeG or TWTG group and completed 8 weeks of training. Functionality measures were taken pretest and posttest for comparisons between groups. Significant improvement in overall muscular endurance (OME) was observed in the MVeG from pretest to posttest (p = 0.002), however no significant difference between groups was observed for OME, balance, fatigue, or quality of life. The results suggest that for an 8 week training program, the MVeG appears to promote similar changes in functionality when compared to TWTG.