Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > "The Holy Rollers are invading our territory": Southern Baptist Missionaries and the Early Years of Pentecostalism in Brazil, 1910-1935

This paper uses Southern Baptist missionary records to examine the first twentyfive years of Pentecostalism in Brazil. Considering not only at what the first Pentecostal missionaries did but also what they did not do, it argues that the extraordinary success of the Brazilian Pentecostal movement is due in large part to the following reasons: early Pentecostals had neither the funds nor the theological need to focus on education, their personal class affiliations did not incline them to privilege efforts to evangelize the upper classes, there was no strong female Pentecostal missionary presence, and the Pentecostals had been preceded by mainline Protestant missionaries like the Baptists. Without schools to run and reports to write, Pentecostals were free to do the kind of one-on-one evangelizing that the Baptists had hoped to do but found they had little time for, intentionally stealing many of the Baptists’ flock in the process.