Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > "Are Our Students Seeing Reflections of Themselves in the Texts that They are Being Read?": A Case Study of Read Aloud Texts in a North Carolina Elementary School

Today’s schools are becoming increasingly diverse and classroom teachers are being held accountable for the achievement of all students. However, recent statistics show that students of color are not performing as well as their white peers on standardized reading achievement tests. This case study looks at the read aloud texts used by classroom teachers in a North Carolina elementary school. Texts were analyzed for their inclusion of characters of color. Teacher interviews were conducted to gain an understanding of how and why these specific read aloud texts were chosen. Results of the content analysis are compared to the student population to determine whether or not the students of color at the case study school are seeing reflections of themselves in the read aloud texts. Case study results show that students of color at this elementary school are underrepresented in the read aloud texts used by teachers.