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Background: Significant co-morbidity between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and chronic pelvic pain (CPP) has been reported (35-39%). IBS affects 10-20% of the general population, and is the most common condition diagnosed by gastroenterologists. Patients with IBS have abdominal pain and abnormal stool. CPP affects 12-39% of women and is defined as non-cyclical pain of at least 6-month duration. Previous research at UNC has reported a comorbidity between IBS with CPP of 35% and has identified distinct characteristics between these two groups. It has been hypothesized that co-morbid IBS with CPP is associated with higher pain report, poorer quality of life and treatment response and should be evaluated thoroughly in the treatment of women with chronic pelvic pain. Objective: To evaluate baseline pain and psychological characteristics, clinical pain improvement over time, and effectiveness of treatments among CPP patients with and without co-morbid IBS.