Includes the following poems: Derecho; Davie Poplar; ΤΑ ΚΑΛΑ ΔΙΩΚΩΜΕΝ; P2P; Manning Drive; Queen Bed; Lock Screen; St. Raphael’s Fair; Bald Head Island; Chess at Union Square; St. John’s College Library; Toward the end of the party; Cobb Fire; Helen; Halloween; Carter-Finley; “KD Fall Cocktail ‘13”; Gingko Leaves; Taking the GRE; Lenoir; Wake Forest 27, Millbrook 24 (4OT); Sorry; Crate & Barrel; Reynolds Coliseum; L.A.; There are two stories of Ovid’s death; Woollen; Sledding next to the ROTC; Too Late to the Party; Renovations at Sutton’s; Snow Day Breakfast Jam; Tornado Warning; Iowa State 85, UNC 83; Hark the Sound