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The Knight Commission cites two critical spending issues in Division I college athletics: the imbalance of rapidly rising expenditures against slow-moving revenues and the widening gap between wealthy conferences and struggling conferences. The purpose of this study is to compare revenue and expenditure trends in men's revenue sports, men's non-revenue sports, and female sports from 2006-2009, to determine if differences in distributive justice principles exist in budget decisions across the three athletic department levels: Football Bowl Series (FBS), Football Championship Series (FCS), and the Non-Football Subdivision (Division I without Football). FBS institutions were found to almost completely abide by equity principles when making budgetary decisions while the FCS and Non-Football Subdivision made more decisions founded in principles of equality and need. The study is significant to institutions looking to add or drop varsity programs within their sub-classification, gain a financially competitive edge, or reclassify in the Division I structure.