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Objective: Our library has licensed Covidence, a systematic review screening tool, to enable researchers to streamline their review processes. In order to get the most out of our institutional subscription, we held in-person classes and one-on-one consultations to teach researchers how to use the product. This study will: 1) gauge the impact this tool has had on researchers’ efficiency and collaborative efforts 2) determine whether our instruction aligns with researcher needs and 3) identify challenges researchers faced in using the product.Methods: Our study will use a mixed methods approach to evaluate the experiences of faculty and staff researchers, students, and librarians using Covidence. First, we will collect Covidence usage data and training statistics. Second, we will survey registered Covidence users about their use and perceptions of Covidence and Covidence training. Third, we will interview Covidence users about their usage experiences and will then identify themes from their in-depth qualitative responses.Results: We had more than a thousand Covidence accounts created since we acquired our license. Our survey is in progress, and results will include users’ perceptions of Covidence as a tool to streamline the review process (e.g. to save time, reduce errors, among others), their training needs, their ability to coordinate multi-institutional collaborations, and their future use. Interview results will further address researchers’ benefits and challenges with using Covidence and suggestions for improvement to the tool or the training. We hope to gather information for improvements to make the users’ learning experience more effective and smooth.Conclusion: We anticipate that our results will enable us to make recommendations to other libraries considering an institutional license to a systematic review screening tool, to provide insight as to how we can improve our systematic review services, and to inform product improvement.