Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > "Critical for Teaching and Learning": The Role of School Media Specialists in Implementing Common Core Standards for Reading Informational Texts

Informational texts have been historically underutilized in elementary classrooms. However, new Common Core Standards require an increased emphasis on informational texts across the curriculum. As leaders and instructional partners in their schools, school library media specialists (SLMSs) have a strategic opportunity to support teachers and students within this changing educational landscape. This study examined how SLMSs in elementary schools are responding to this opportunity by conducting a national survey regarding their attitudes, practices, and barriers. Media specialists held positive views regarding the new standards for Reading Informational Texts (CCSS-RIT) except its potential impact on test scores. They were highly engaged in many practices supporting student use of informational texts, though less so in promoting reading. The results may indicate that SLMSs are still adjusting to the new standards. Barriers such as fixed schedules, budget constraints, and inadequate staffing may also play a significant role in the extent of their engagement.