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Objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the dimensional change that occurs after tooth extraction and implant placement. Materials and Methods: A protocol was developed for assessing the change in the buccal alveolar bone facial to the implants using the pre-operative and post-operative cone beam scans using three different software programs. DICOM files were formatted in 3D-Slicer, segmented further in ITK-SNAP, and aligned and measured in VAM. Results: Eight patients' (4 grafted vs. 4 non-grafted) pre- and post-operative digital models were compared to assess linear alveolar change. The mean alveolar bone dimensional change facial to the implants at the crestal, mid-implant and apical regions was .974 ± .536 mm, .762 ± .371 mm, and .442 ± .259 mm respectively. Conclusions: A protocol for comparing surface dimensional changes of alveolar bone was developed and used to compare clinical therapy outcomes.