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Book reviews of: MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT IN NORTH CAROLINA: What is the most prevalent form of municipal government in North Carolina? Which North Carolina statute allows cities to budget and expend revenues? Must municipal budgets be balanced? Can cities levy property taxes for mass transit or public housing? The answers to these and other questions can be easily found in Municipal Government in North Carolina. The book is edited by David M. Lawrence and Warren J. Wicker, professors of Public Law and Government at the Institute of Government, and it is intended to be a reference guide to North Carolina city government. In addition, it offers a framework for administrative organization of cities and towns. FROM CURRITUCK TO CALABASH: LIVING WITH NORTH CAROLINA'S BARRIER ISLANDS: In recent years, the North Carolina coastline has undergone massive development. Higher incomes, more leisure, and the absence of major hurricanes have led to widespead, often dangerous construction. The authors of From Currituck to Calabash seek to provide a guide for "proper, limited development" of the North Carolina barrier islands. This volume is the first of a series entitled Living with the Shore, which will eventually provide guidance to development of the shorelines of all states bordering the oceans and Great Lakes. MEGATRENDS: TEN NEW DIRECTIONS TRANSFORMING OUR LIVES: City planners constantly search for new information which will help them anticipate and influence the future. Megatrends , written by John Naisbitt, features ten national social trends that are changing American life.