Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > A Cluster-Analytic Approach to Understanding the Life Values of North Carolina Public Alternative School Teachers

Public alternative schools are often a significant defense against school dropout (Souza, 1999). However, little empirical research focused on alternative schools was found. Empirical research focused on the teachers who teach in these settings is even scarcer. The purpose of this descriptive study is two-fold. First, as an initial step in understanding alternative school teachers, their values profiles were explored through the online version of the Life Values Inventory (Crace, 2011). Cluster analysis was used to explore potential subgroups in a meaningful way. Results suggested the values of the alternative school teachers in this sample are quite similar. The values of Respect, Achievement, and Concern for Others were dominant. Second, demographic information on a sample of public alternative school teachers in the state of North Carolina was collected through survey methods. The information gathered is used to suggest potential improvements to alternative school teacher preparation and development.