Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > La reescritura de la historia: el cuerpo, la voz y la mirada femenina en el teatro escrito por mujeres entre 1986 y 1996

La reescritura de la Historia examines three theatrical plays that are representative of a generation of female playwrights whose theatrical production takes place between 1986 and 1996: Juego de Reinas by Concha Romero, Humo de Beleño by Maribel Lázaro and En igualdad de condiciones by Pilar Pombo. This dissertation examines the plays from a Feminist point of view, focusing on ways in which the representation of the female gaze, voice and body subverts –destabilizes, surpasses, criticizes- aspects of the dominant culture in relation to the feminine condition, how they challenge traditional conceptions of women, and how they reveal the contradictions and ambiguities inherent to them. The study contributes to the examination of Feminism in contemporary Spain and considers the ways in which it attacks or destabilizes implicit or explicit conceptions of the feminine in contemporary society and provides a space in which traditionally silenced alternative female discourses can finally be heard.