Collections > Master's Papers > Gillings School of Public Health > A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach to Women's Health: A case for integrating primary care, mental health and addictions care systems, complete with a compendium of resources for bridging the public health and mental health information needs of the maternal & child health workforce.

Inspired by the author’s involvement with the Women’s Integrated Systems for Health (WISH) initiative at the North Carolina Institute for Public Health, this paper addresses the need for enriched healthcare interventions that address the whole woman and all of her needs. It describes the evidence for integrating systems for women’s health as well as policy implications. It also provides a compendium of resources in the form of a knowledge pathway to direct students and members of the current and future Maternal Child Health workforce to resources beneficial to policymakers, health professionals, and families/consumers in bridging public health and mental health practice. It is hoped to be useful in promoting comprehensive health and wellness among women of reproductive age who also experience mental, emotional, or behavioral issues.