Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > To sing is more than to remember: literary and philosophical allusion in the songs of Caetano Veloso

This thesis examines the literary associations that, through allusion, Brazilian singer/songwriter Caetano Veloso brings to bear upon his work and suggests interpretations of the meanings sparked by these meetings of different texts. By reading seven allusive lyrics in Veloso's songbook, I intend to show that the songwriter's use of such allusions is a key aspect of his aesthetic and a mark of his broadening of the poetic dimensions of popular song. My aim is not to trace every allusion that Veloso makes, but rather to provide a framework for interpreting what his art of allusion generally entails. Furthermore, I underscore those aspects of Veloso's allusions that reflect the songwriter's dynamic reworking of literary material, rather than tracing the passive assimilation of "influences." That is, I analyze the way in which Veloso both invokes past writers and creates works that underscore their own creative difference from previous texts.