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Purpose or Research Questions: In adults with hearing loss, how does hearing aid use influence depression? Background Previous research has shown that hearing loss impacts a person’s quality of life and that the use of hearing aids can help to improve their quality of life. For this project, we conducted a systematic review to specifically look at how hearing aid use influences depression in order to determine if the results would have clinical significance for hearing aid recommendations and counseling patients. Methods/Proposed Methods: The systematic review was performed by searching the databases Embase, PubMed, and CINAHL for key terms associated with hearing loss and depression. The initial search returned 189 articles. The articles were reviewed based on inclusion and exclusion criteria. Quality appraisals and data extraction are being completed on 8 articles that met inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results/Anticipated Results: The 8 articles included 3 longitudinal studies, 3 cohort studies, 1 cross sectional study, and 1 randomized control trial. Based on preliminary data, it appears that the use of hearing aids helps to improve the patient’s feelings of depression. Discussion (e.g., interpretation of results; potential contribution of anticipated results): The results of the systematic review have clinical implications regarding potential benefits of hearing aid use in adults in relation to quality of life.