Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > The Title Page of the Russian Monographs as the Source of Information for Bibliographic Description: an Analysis of its Visual Characteristics, and the Comprehensiveness and Consistency of its Bibliographic Information

This study presents an analysis of bibliographic information on title pages of Russian monographs. The bibliographic data are examined in terms of visual characteristics of individual bibliographic elements and those of separations between elements. Visual properties used in this analysis consist of both primitives and coordinates. A separation between bibliographic elements is identified by changes in primitives or the existence of coordinates between two elements. Additionally, this study records any inconsistent or incomplete bibliographic information in the sample. The results of this study are compared to a similar study of English materials. Comparison revealed no major differences in terms of inclusion of bibliographic elements on title pages. The two samples differed, however, with respect to the location of some elements, such as Author Name, Publisher and Series Title. Another important finding is that a majority of Russian title pages do not provide full Author Name, which has significant implications for the creation of personal name headings according to AACR2.