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The question of whether or not the Hittite term ‘Ahhiyawa’ refers to the Mycenaeans in Greece — particularly the Achaeans — has long been debated. There is clear evidence for the interaction between these two cultures, as seen in the material evidence, and linguistically, the term ‘Ahhiyawa’ is not dissimilar to the Greek ‘Achaea;’ the material and linguistic study of the connections between the Hittites and the Mycenaeans has therefore led scholars from several backgrounds to argue that the Ahhiyawa “kingdom” was that of the Mycenaeans.This paper analyzes both the linguistic and material evidence for the interconnections between these two cultures, but is more heavily focused on the material evidence, in the hopes of determining whether or not the Ahhiyawa Kingdom was that of the Mycenaeans, and attempt to place Ahhiyawa geographically.