Collections > Open Access Datasets > Data Supplement to "Clinical Evidence Supports a Protective Role for CXCL5 in Coronary Artery Disease"

This dataset consists of an excel file containing two data tables. Table S4: Correlation of microarray-derived gene expression levels to either circulating CXCL5 or CAD severity. The Agilent probe ID (Probeset ID) and gene information are provided as well as the correlation coefficient (rs), the absolute value of rs (|rs|), and the p value for both CXCL5 and CAD variables for 143 total study participants Table S9: cis-eQTL analysis on PMBMCs of SAMARA2 subjects. The top 10,000 cis-eQTLs are provided. The dbSNP identifier (dbSNP RS ID) is provided indicated for each SNP as well as the gene, the beta coefficient, t-stat, p, and false discovery rate (FDR) from the eQTL analysis. The Affymetrix SNP Array 6.0 probe identifier (Affy6 SNP), position, and strand identifier relative to dbSNP is indicated. The Agilent probe ID (Probeset ID) used for gene expression values and the indication of CXCL5 or CAD correlation with gene expression are included in addition to the location information of the cRNA probe.