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This study describes a questionnaire survey of school librarians in North Carolina who have received advanced certification from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. The survey was conducted to identify the transformational leadership practices of these school librarians and assess their ability to implement professional leadership guidelines. School librarians’ leadership practices were assessed using the Leadership Practices Inventory, 3rd Edition (LPI). School librarians perceived themselves as possessing a high level of transformational leadership in the five exemplary practices identified by the LPI: Modeling the Way (MTW), Inspiring a Shared Vision (ISV), Challenging the Process (CTP), Enabling Others to Act (EOA) and Encouraging the Heart (ETH). They perceived themselves as being very strong at MTW and EOA. They were less successful at ISV and CTP. Overall, they were very successful in implementing professional leadership guidelines. Successful implementation of these guidelines was highly correlated with ISV and CTP.