Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > A Comparative study on the effect of Integrin subunits Beta one and Beta 3 on Osteoblast Implant interactions

Background: Integrin transmembrane receptors has emerged as central regulators of cell biomaterial interactions. Aim: to explore the effects of integrin β1 and β3 receptors on osteoblast implant surface interactions in vitro. Materials and methods: specific monoclonal antibodies were used to functionally perturb the respective integrin receptors before cell plating on CpTi disks of two distinct surface topographies. RT²Profiler™PCR Arrays system, quantified the expression of a panel of osteogenesis related genes. Moreover, scanning electron microscopy was used to evaluate the effects of integrin functional perturbation on initial cell adhesion and spreading, in a surface and time dependent manner. Results: data from both morphological and molecular studies showed that functional perturbation of both integrin subunits, significantly affected initial cell adhesion, spreading, and osteogenesis related gene expression, in a surface dependent manner. Conclusion: Integrin β1 and β3 are involved in initial osteoblast adhesion and spreading on implant surface. Moreover, they mediate implant surface specific changes.