Contains following poems: For Zitkala-Sa; Peeling calluses; To my mother’s ex-lover; Little hurts; Caesura; Carolina; Known; Goldfish metaphor for relationships; Secrets; Short answer; Episodes; Like Calls to Like; Crystallization; Tell Me; Delineation; Sorry; Slough; Victimhooded; Super-ego; A Moral; Apostrophe for the Angel of Mercy; Consider this:; Reflection (Variation 2); Bed down; Slang; Taken; Consider; A Drink to Nature’s Course; Manifestation; In memorium; Levee-breaking; Prediction; Overture; And you tell me I’m petty; ___________; Remedy; Impermanence; Taking Care; To Sleep; Chasing El Dorado; Strung out; Legacy; Derived; Reflection (Variation 1)