Contains all the sprayfields for Duplin county only, lagoons for Duplin and Sampson counties only, and the corrected point location of the swine CAFO for Duplin county only. NC DENR has publicly available all point locations of swine CAFOs, but sometimes they are wrong. Provided here are correct point locations of the swine CAFO for Duplin county. Every sprayfield, lagoon, and point have the permit ID associated with them that can be used to link the three files together. NMPs require that each swine CAFO prove that there is enough acreage with enough crops to absorb the nutrients in the swine manure. The metric that NMPs use to figure out this balance is called "plant available nitrogen" abbreviated as PAN. The PAN sprayed onto fields from manure (PAN_spray) has to be less than the PAN that the crops can absorb (PAN_crops). The PAN_bal (balance) is the difference between the two. Attributes of the sprayfields include information on the PAN_spray, PAN_crop, and PAN_balance. Additionally, PAN_crop and PAN_balance was re-calculated using remote-sensing rather than what was reported in the NMP. As such there are PAN reported values as well as PAN calculated values at the sprayfield scale. Two sub-watershed shapefiles are included for Duplin county. These sub-watersheds are at the catchment scale and HUC12 scale. The catchment scale is smaller than the HUC12 scale. PAN metrics were aggregated at these sub-watershed scales. The sprayfield shapefile has attributes that identify the catchment and HUC12 that their centroid is in, however PAN metrics are calculated based on areal percent of sprayfield within each catchment/HUC12.