Collections > Carolina Planning Journal > Carolina Planning Vol. 9.1: North Carolina's Small Cities > In the Works: Study of North Carolina's For-Profit Hospitals; State and Amtrak Investigate Rail Service Improvements in North Carolina; Montgomery County's TDR Program - an Update; New Newspaper Starts Publishing

Short reports including: STUDY OF NORTH CAROLINA'S FOR-PROFIT HOSPITALS: The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research, Inc. is a private, non-profit policy research organization which examines and reports on policy issues affecting citizens of North Carolina. Currently, the Center is studying the development of for-profit hospitals in North Carolina.; STATE AND AMTRAK INVESTIGATE RAIL SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS IN NORTH CAROLINA: More rail passenger service for North Carolina? Amtrak and the North Carolina Department of Transportation think it is a possibility.; MONTGOMERY COUNTY'S TDR PROGRAM - AN UPDATE: How is the transfer of development rights (TDR) program working out in Montgomery County one year after the first receiving areas were designated? Very well, according to the planners responsible for its design and implementation.; NEW NEWSPAPER STARTS PUBLISHING: As of this spring, North Carolinians have a new and different kind of newspaper to read. The North Carolina Independent , a bi-weekly statewide paper, will provide the kind of indepth, analytical, probing coverage of North Carolina issues not found in the dailies.