Collections > UNC Chapel Hill Undergraduate Honors Theses Collection > FUTURES WITH A FUTURE: An Introduction to the Positive Futures Movement

Current societal narratives are rife with negative, dystopian, fearful images of the future. In this paper, I propose that there is a wave of thinkers, activists, individuals, and groups who comprise a movement that does not yet recognize itself as a movement: the positive futures movement. The positive futures movement acknowledges the full complexity and gravity of the multiple crises facing humanity in the future, yet rather than subscribe to conventional dystopia, the movement advocates action and engagement in creating a desirable future. From a wide array of backgrounds and perspectives, those within the movement generally share a common way to frame crises as well as a belief that action taken now can effect a more positive future for humanity and the planet. This text hope to illustrate the commonalities of the positive future movement so that it may gain power in identifying as such, both through its frame of crisis and an analysis of what positivity means to those within it.