Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > "One record to bind them all": A Collection Analysis of the Chapel Hill Public Library's Adult and Young Adult Graphic Novel Collections

For library professionals, the responsibility to facilitate access to information resources includes developing cataloging, labeling, and shelving practices and adapting them to fit new formats added to the collection. As the graphic novel format grows in popularity in public library collections, academic and professional conversations have emerged around the issues of how to catalog, label, and shelve these works.The Chapel Hill Public Library is interested in supplementing its adult and young adult graphic novel collections and establishing an updated, consistent practice for the cataloging, labeling, and shelf classification of these works. In order to assess the current state of these collections and practices, a list-checking study and a direct collection analysis utilizing shelf lists were conducted. These analyses identified collection gaps, inconsistencies in practice, and major decision points to be addressed in the next stages of the graphic novel project.