Collections > Electronic Theses and Dissertations > A Model for Refining Precipitation-Type Forecasts for Winter Weather in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina on the Basis of Partial Thickness and Synoptic Weather Patterns

Determining precipitation types and intensity of winter weather events in the Piedmont region of North Carolina is difficult for forecasters. Sounding and climatological data along with cyclone and anticyclone characteristics (e.g. pressure, location, and time) from microfilmed surface weather maps are examined for 237 winter weather events at Greensboro, North Carolina over a 37 year period. The data is used to explore precipitation type determination and synoptic (large scale) pattern influence on intensity. A model for predicting precipitation type (i.e. a nomogram) is developed from the sounding and climate data. The tracks of the cyclones and anticyclones are classified and used to characterize the intensity of observed snow, freezing rain and sleet in the study area.