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Over the past hundred years, polymers and plastics have become increasingly common materials for use in construction, transportation and personal objects, in many cases replacing materials such as wood, stone and metal. In recent decades, attention has turned towards the use of polymers as active, dynamic materials capable of responding to their environment and performing useful work. The present work describes the synthesis and application of three unique dynamic step- growth polymer materials. A copolyester poly(octylene adipate)-co-poly(octylene diazoadipate) was fabricated into micropatterned surfaces capable of reversible shape memory. An amorphous polyester with a low glass transition temperature was endfunctaionalized with ureidopyrimidinone moieties and functioned as a degradable supramolecular adhesive capable of bonding and debonding on demand. Lastly, a liquid crystalline aramid poly(2,2’- disulfonylbenzidene terephthalamide) was investigated for use in solid polymer electrolyte applications.