Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > Classical Influence and Native Multiliteracy: Redefining Literacy in Early Medieval Ireland

This paper seeks to explore new definitions of literacy in early medieval Ireland based on the current theory of Multiliteracy. According to this theory, literacy should refer not only to reading and writing but also to any act of taking in information from the world and being able to express ideas about that information. Multiliteracy has significant implications for the discussion of the "literate" and oral traditions in early medieval Ireland, as well as the possibility of widespread popular literacy. The level of classical influence in Ireland sheds light on the development of Irish Multiliteracy and plays a crucial role in understanding the impact of the Irish in returning classical literacy to Europe after the fall of Rome. Applying Multiliteracy to this critical period in the emergence of Western civilization provides a new framework for further study of literacy and the medieval period.