Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > Donors, Users, and Archival Repositories: How North Carolina is Documenting the Latino Experience.

The Latino population of North Carolina is growing rapidly. The mission of archives is to document such groups and events by collecting material that will serve as witnesses to these changes and developments. The purpose of this qualitative study was to discover the current situations of potential donors of Latino archival material, potential users of that material, and the archival repositories in North Carolina who will potentially collect this material. Interviews were conducted with four potential users, who also may be considered potential donors or research material, and five archivists at North Carolina repositories. The information gathered from their responses included information about material that should be collected, the challenges collecting this material might present, and why no North Carolina archives seem to have such a collection initiative in place. This study is not intended to describe or explain every possible situation in the state, but will provide an overview of issues and explanations that will benefit future researchers in their own studies.