Collections > Master's Papers > School of Information and Library Science > Ghosts of Glory: a Bibliographic Essay Concerning Pre-1941 Baseball Autobiography and Oral History

This paper documents published sources related to autobiographies and oral histories of baseball players, pitchers, and managers who performed the preponderance of their professional career before the United States of America's involvement with the Second World War. The paper separates the individual autobiographies into three sections based upon the era in which the player is most associated with: the Iron Age (1869-1902), the Silver Age (1903-1922), and the Golden Age (1904-1941). Each section arranges the players alphabetically by surname, and every player entry contains a photograph, brief biographical information, a quotation from the autobiography, and lists of anecdotal works, biographies, films, and museums correlating to the player, when available. The fourth section of the paper concerns oral history (1869-1941), arranging the monographs alphabetically, with each entry including information about the players interviewed similar to the first three sections, but arranged by the player's occurrence in the monograph.