Collections > UNC Scholarly Publications > BioMed Central > P12-15. Replication enhancement of an alphaviral-lentiviral replicating chimeric particle (RCP) vaccine

We have developed a novel, acutely replicating VEE-SHIV chimeric particle (RCP) as a vaccine against HIV that combines the superior and long-lived immunity of a live-attenuated virus with the safety of non-replicating particulate antigens. These chimeric particles contain a replicating VEE-SHIV genome and are capable of infecting susceptible cells bearing hCD4/hCCR5, undergoing cytoplasmic replication, genomic RNA encapsidation, assembly and particle release. Due to the replicative nature of the RCPs, lentiviral proteins will be expressed for an extended period of time in vaccinated individuals thus inducing a more comprehensive immune response compared to nonreplicating antigens but without the safety issues associated with integrating, live-attenuated lentiviruses.