The purpose of this pilot study was to preliminarily validate the backwards overhead shot throw (BOST) against the vertical jump (VJ) as a test of explosive power. Secondarily, effects of a morning resistance exercise bout on afternoon explosive power performance were examined. Throwers in the sport of athletics (N = 14) performed one control and one experimental trial on separate days. Trial 1 consisted of VJ and BOST testing performed in the afternoon. For Trial 2, participants reported for a short resistance training session in the morning before repeating the VJ and BOST testing that afternoon. BOST scores and VJ peak power were correlated in both trials (r=0.64, p < 0.05). BOST scores improved in Trial 2 over Trial 1, but VJ power failed to improve. Results suggest that BOST is a valid test of explosive power production, and a morning resistance training session improves BOST performance that same afternoon.