This study investigated the physiological responses to participation in two modes, Cardio (CV) and Weight Loss (WL), of Yourself!Fitness(TM). Particularly, differences in the game-predicted and measured caloric expenditure for both the CV and WL modes were examined. Additional comparisons were made for the amount of time spent at or above the ACSM recommended VO2max and HRmax. 15 healthy volunteers (7M/8F) aged 18-24, participated in two 30 minute interactive video game exercise sessions, CV and WL. There were no differences in HR, VO2, or measured energy expenditure between the CV or WL trials (p>0.051). No differences in time spent above the ACSM threshold for either VO2 or HR between the CV or WL trials existed (p>0.169). Measured energy expenditure for the CV and WL exercise sessions was under-predicted by 88-97 kcals. Yourself!Fitness(TM) has the potential for cardiorespiratory benefit if the exercise session is extended to 60 minutes.