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Collection of open access scholarly materials produced by the UNC community.


A survey of microRNA single nucleotide polymorphisms identifies novel breast cancer susceptibility loci in a case-control, population-based study of African-American women (3 items)

Creator: Bensen, Jeannette; Graff, Mariaelisa; Young, Kristin L; Sethupathy, Praveen; Parker, Joel; et al.

Collection: BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2018-06-08

Date Created: 2018-06-05

pdf  (940.7 KB)

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Diesel exhaust particles modify natural killer cell function and cytokine release

Creator: Müller, Loretta; Chehrazi, Claire; Henderson, Michael W.; Noah, Terry; Jaspers, Ilona

Collection: BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2015-11-06

Date Created: 2013-04-24

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