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Collection of open access scholarly materials produced by the UNC community.


A survey of ex vivo/in vitro transduction efficiency of mammalian primary cells and cell lines with Nine natural adeno-associated virus (AAV1-9) and one engineered adeno-associated virus serotype

Creator: Ellis, Brian L; Hirsch, Matthew L; Barker, Jenny C; Connelly, Jon P; Steininger, Robert J; et al.

Collection: BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2013-03-25

Date Created: 2013-03-06

pdf  (821.6 KB)


Interpretation of uniocular and binocular trials of glaucoma medications: an observational case series (4 items)

Creator: Leffler, Christopher T; Amini, Lina

Collection: BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2016-07-15

Date Created: 2007-10-05

pdf  (204.8 KB)

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Utility of combining spectral domain optical coherence tomography structural parameters for the diagnosis of early Glaucoma: a mini-review

Creator: Mwanza, Jean-Claude; Warren, Joshua L; Budenz, Donald

Collection: BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2018-04-30

Date Created: 2018-04-15

pdf  (5.9 MB)