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Collection of open access scholarly materials produced by the UNC community.


A comparison of US and Australian men's values and preferences for PSA screening

Creator: Howard, Kirsten; Brenner, Alison T.; Lewis, Carmen L.; Sheridan, Stacey; Crutchfield, Trisha; et al.

Collection: BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2013-12-03

Date Created: 2013-10-05

pdf  (353.3 KB)


Genomic investigation of etiologic heterogeneity: methodologic challenges (5 items)

Creator: Begg, Colin B; Seshan, Venkatraman E; Zabor, Emily C; Furberg, Helena; Arora, Arshi; et al.

Collection: BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2016-07-15

Date Created: 2014-12-22

pdf  (437.1 KB)

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