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Date Deposited: 2019-01-17

Azoria Project Archive

Creator: Haggis, Donald C.; Azoria Project staff

Date Deposited: 2011-10-03

Abstract: The Azoria Project Archive is a collection of original documents and publications generated from fieldwork and research of the Azoria Project, an excavation of the Department of Classics and the Research Laboratories of Archaeology at the University ...

Baptist Student Union (40464)

Date Deposited: 2016-01-07

Bill Malone Collection (20315)

Date Deposited: 2019-01-18

BioMed Central

Date Deposited: 2012-08-06

Blackford Family Papers

Date Deposited: 2018-05-10

Bowman Gray Collection of First World War Photograph Albums and Scrapbooks (12024)

Date Deposited: 2018-07-24

Abstract: Albums and scrapbooks collected by Bowman Gray, Jr., of Winston-Salem, N.C., provide documentation of the First World War (1914-1918) through images created by photographers likely working for the French government or French Armée, through press ...

Brian Burch Collection (20469)

Date Deposited: 2018-04-05